Saskatchewan Trophy Whitetail Hunts


The prairies and bush of Western Canada are home to some of the world’s largest whitetails including the current world record typical. Saskatchewan ranks near the top of the Boone and Crocket records for numbers of book class whitetails. Like the Midwest, the western region of Canada is farm country and some of the best hunting occurs on the fringe areas where agriculture meets the large forests. Unlike most of the outfitters that are regulated to hunt in the big woods, our concession borders that farm country with more than a 120 square miles of prime habitat and only 24 hunters annually; it is easy to see why this destination produces book deer every season. In the big picture, Canada has limited pressure on its big buck populations making it one of the best destinations in the world to take a true giant whitetail buck.


trophy imageThe hunting in the far North is not for the faint hearted, going to the blind in the pre dawn dark and returning back to camp after dark is only for most dedicated, hard core whitetail hunters. Clients spend their day in enclosed blinds overlooking strategically placed bait stations. Hunters are transported into the blind sites in the predawn darkness via ATV and selecting the proper clothing is essential to being comfortable during the long hours on stand. Most trophy bucks are taken crusing through the bait stations in search of a hot doe and hunters may only have seconds to decide whether a buck is a shooter or an up and comer that might need another season or two to reach it’s full trophy potential. We go the extra mile in trying to educate our hunters on what to look for in a trophy Canadian whitetail.


The large boreal forest dominant the Canadian landscape just north of the agriculture areas. These conifer forest don’t offer the highest densities of trophy whitetails but the do offer some of the largest bucks in both antlers and body size on the plant. Most of our hunting areas occur on the fringe of the agriculture areas where they met the big woods and this transition area is ideal whitetail habitat.


Tentative 2009 season dates are Nov 1st thru Dec 7th for the general rifle season.


Non-resident license tags are $280 and visiting hunters must use the services of a licensed guide.

Trophy Expectation

While hunting in the far North Country you never know when the trophy of a lifetime could appear at any second. If you are looking for a 150 class whitetail there may be easier destinations to achieve your goals, if you are prepared to hold out for a record book whitetail there may be not better place in the world than the North Country. Hunters in Canada need to be prepared to leave camp empty handed, as it will never offer the high success rates like other destinations such as Texas. We expect annual success rates to be around 30% to 45% on bucks scoring 150 or better.

* In recent years Canada has experienced significant winterkills which could hurt success rates, we strive to keep our hunters informed of current conditions which could effect their success as the key to our success is long term relationships with happy clients.


The accommodations in Canada would be considered basic compared to most of our other destinations but hunters can be assured that they will be comfortable with hearty home cooked meals.

Getting there

Hunters will fly into Saskatoon International airport where you will be met and transferred to the north to the hunting areas.


The following are average high and low temps for our hunting area in Saskatchewan Canada: Oct. 48/28, Nov. 28/10, and Dec. 14/-6.

Saskatchewan Hunt Prices

5-½ day rifle hunt: $4500

Call John Burrell at High Adventure Company for hunt availabilities.
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